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ABC NEWS Students Learn Sculpting at the Caridad Center

Children's Educational Program Developed by Alexander


A West Palm Beach artist may use hardened metals to sculpt his massive abstract figures, but the love and beauty that guide their fluid forms reveal a softer side.


An Internationally Acclaimed Artist Creates Dynamic Metal Sculptures And Functional Forms That Express Beauty And Motion.


The Metal Enigma of Alexander Krivosheiw

Straddling the line between abstraction and representation, Alexander Krivosheiw finds his creative component of language through sculpture.

The Shiny Sheet: Palm Beach Daily News

"They're abstractions of things I see in nature, they're almost thought forms. I see movement and I try to hold it in sculpture."
—Alexander Krivosheiw

Palm Beach ArtsPaper

At the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, the walls of the main gallery have gone white. Not a single piece of two-dimensional art is on display. Instead, the focus is on the three-dimensional art of acclaimed sculptor and Palm Beach county resident Alexander Krivosheiw.


"Alexander Krivosheiw is an artist of vision and passion. His ideas are of a mature artist, and the craftsmanship is extraordinary; in both casting and fabrication. I feel as though his career is unfolding on a global level and he is truly an artist to watch."
—Hans Van de Bovenkamp