2013 | Bronze, Edition of 8 | 21" x 28” x 16.5"

"First Kiss instantly enchanted me. The moment I saw this beautiful sculpture I recognized it's importance to American Contemporary Art. The gleaming reflections of the polished bronze and the sinuous form, coupled with the effects of light and shade made this an 'object of desire.' As I spoke with Alexander, his artistry and skills including draftsmanship and technical training were impressive. His careful, fluid description of the process of cutting, hammering, welding and polishing was a captivating paradox of the strength and ingenuity needed to create such a delicate, evocative shape. Gifts of creativity and capable hands will solidify Alexander’s position as one of the most talented sculptors of our time."
- Dianne DeMell Jacobsen, PhD, Trustee Thomas H. And Diane DeMell Jacobsen PhD Foundation